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Everyone's dreams are different, and the super work is the same.
From pathos this is all, now in the case:
- we are always in search of enterprising specialists, precisely those who are not of timid ones
- we have an office, but this is space for work, and not a mandatory place to sit until 18:00
- we have a boss, but we have it for inspiration, not self-affirmation at your expense
- we have deadlines and goals - if you work with your head and head, they are real
- we have enough skill and zen-capacity to hear and contain each other's ideas
- well, you never know what we can find, so just get in touch.

Did you not find the job you need here, but do you have a great idea and are you ready to implement it?

Write us and inspire us with your dream. Perhaps it is with us that you will have a chance to realize it.
not your job, but you want to work with us? write us about yourself
November 20, 2016 - closed
Great job in a great company

- building sales in the luxury and premium segment
- Dealer Network Organization: Search for New Partners, Work with Current Dealers in the Russian Federation and Abroad
- direct sales
- sales through the online store: control and promotion
- customer loyalty research
- participation in tenders

- experience in sales for luxury and / or premium segments
- presence of realized sales building cases
- experience of interaction with dealers
- understanding of logistics (including foreign)
- a creative approach to the tasks of selling goods
- desire to grow
- competent speech
- the ability to think logically

- non-standard approach to sales: the presence of implemented cases
- Creative PR offers
- availability of IDP
- experience of participation in international exhibitions
- experience of participation in crowdfunding companies
- experience with receivables
- high IQ

- office work
- readiness for business trips (in Russia and abroad)

Special attention to those who are acquainted with the products of our company before the interview.
January 25, 2017 - Updated
Troll, liar and virgin
perform a test task
November 11, 2016 - closed
A dream job
for an engineer and
electronics engineer
Dream job - we are looking for an electronic engineer in our team:
You need to invent, test and implement - that is, do everything to produce a lot of new and cool stuff. In a team or generate ideas yourself and implement them.
There are two main requirements: the experience of implementing fresh and ideologically powerful projects in the field of electronics + the desire to develop in this direction.
Priority to those who once offered and have already implemented. Among other requirements is:

- programming experience of AVR microcontrollers (ATmega, etc.) or ARM (ARM, Cortex) or PIC or Texas Instruments, as well as the skill of debugging analog and digital devices based on various microcontrollers

- good knowledge of circuit design and software packages for the design of printed circuit boards
- welcome experience with wired and wireless communication interfaces: Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and others
- Asma knowledge is welcome

Not necessarily, the welcome theoretical, and even better practical knowledge on the topic:
- Interactions with one or several types of lasers (helium-neon, krypton, xenon, semiconductor)
- It is desirable to understand the processes of plasma combustion in a vacuum
- Understanding of chemical etching processes of steel of various types for use in vacuum devices is welcome
- Experience with permanent magnet motors
- An additional advantage will be experience in the vacuum post

Work in the office. Office in the CAO.
Laboratory equipment will be purchased to the requirements of the selected candidate.

Send a story about yourself to hr@vacuumglow.com
We do not promise that we will read a dry summary, so immediately send a story about who you are, what ideas you would like to implement and what you have already done
to the world of test tasks
The bottom line: fasting should be on the topic of the day - on the one hand, and applicable to us - on the other. That is, a post that would connect the news of the day or a fashionable joke with what we are doing.
Connection: any - direct, indirect, but at least far-fetched. The main thing is to be original, fresh and lively.
Suppose you need to post this picture in the social network. Purpose: to collect comments and likes. What text do you place under this picture?