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Every model of our clocks is the one and only, every clock creates a different mood and has its own hallmarks. By selecting individual glass panels for different cases we achieved a refraction effect from translucent lighting which gives every model its unique features.
The art of time in soft lines of
VacuumGlow VENEZE
This model uniqueness is determined by the lamps selection. VacuumGlow Veneze clocks are based on the biggest gas discharge displays ever produced in the Soviet Union. The lamps were last produced in the end of the 1970s: today these lamps are hard to find.

The clock’s case is simple and strict. It is made of a solid aluminum piece by cutting it into shape to ensure a clear contour and a laconic shape.
The image is completed by a specially processed glass panel which balances a solid case and provides a warm and at the same time delicate light.