Thick mesh (standard)
Medium mesh
Fine mesh (very rare)
Creating the design of this watch, we were inspired by the films and the atmosphere of the late Soviet era, where the development of computing technology was taking leaps and bounds, hand in hand with the rapid exploration of space. Then no one had any doubt that in some twenty years, mankind would colonize Mars and go farther, beyond the limits of the solar system.
sensual white
brown coal
deep black
Time is naive and hopeful. The time when the twenty-first century was somewhere far ahead, and the feeling of overcoming the intersection of centuries, was fraught with incredible expectations, on the one hand frightening, but opening up far horizons for the development of mankind.
Combine the variants of the grids and their colors, and create a unique watch for yourself
sensual white
brown coal
deep black
It was at this time that cybernetics was rapidly developing, on the one hand, completely mysterious for most people, on the other hand, promising and promising. The model of tube watches CYBERNETIC pays tribute to a bygone era. This is reflected in the design of watches and in their name. We tried to make every buyer feel the beauty and romance of that time, but at the same time preserving the harmony of the modern interior.
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VacuumGlow has received the international award of A ’Design Award , which is awarded annually to the best projects in the field of subject design.
Winning A ’Design Award is not only a certificate of distinction for designers, but also proof of the uniqueness of products.