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The art of time in soft lines
VacuumGlow nixie tube clock is an organic combination of vintage elements and modern technologies.

The history and production technology make our clock unique. VacuumGlow uses rare indicator lights to display time. Until the 1970s such gas discharge displays were mostly used for information display. Their production came to an end with the LSD development, so today glow-discharge lamps are a rare item in factory warehouses and can even become a collector’s pride. The selection of lamps for VG depends only on the quality of the preserved lamps, not their availability.

These unique lamps will naturally compliment a casual modern casing. The indicators’ soft glow softens the contours and makes clock’s image perfect. VacuumGlow characteristics show our special approach to the creation process:
factory manufacturing standards accompanied by an original design.

The internal design precision determines external design. The nixie tube clock models will perfectly fit your interior and compliment your unique taste.
The clock’s laconic image makes it look like a classical clock. So, this clock can be a reasonable investment for people looking ahead and keeping in mind that the classics is always up to date.